INDELUBE engine oils are made from the highest quality of Base oil and additives for all kinds of passenger car engines, from tried-and-true classics to the sleekest modern marvels, light duty to the heavy duty engines and machineries. Every one of our products contains the pinnacle of lubricant power that have proven to resist viscosity and thermal breakdown under the most extreme conditions. and also provide maximum protection and viscosity stability at long-term function.


INDELUBE industrial oils are made from the highest quality of Base oil and additives for use in various industries and equipment. our oils are included circulating oils, hydraulic fluids, transmission fluids, heat treatment and transfer oils, turbine oil and compressor oil that provide excellent performance at a long term function.


INDELUBE offers customers Group I, Group II, and Group III base oils and Bright Stock sourced from a diverse array of refineries throughout the world. Through its established relationships with leading oil companies, refineries and traders.


INDELUBE greases are made from the highest quality of Lubricating oil and additives in three types, Calcium, Lithium Lithium complex and Bentonite. each of them are effective in industrial applications at reducing mechanical friction with excellent lubrication and long-term protection for friction points. they provide effective protection against external factors such as water spray, humidity and contaminants, depending on the operating conditions.