The INDELUBE manufactures different kinds of oils: motor oils, industrial, hydraulic, transmission, and Private Labels.

INDELUBE is a brand under Atlas Mical factory in the middle east

Due to modern equipment, and accumulated experience, we can offer our customers a full range of engine oils from SA to SN, CA to CJ-4 (according to API), made on mineral, justify, and semi-synthetic bases.

High-quality production is provided by high-quality additives and the only oil used for basis – Virgin Oil.

Features of produced oils fully comply with API / ACEA specifications, and all products and packaging are certified. Also, all products are checked at the plant’s laboratory.

Plant for the production of modern motor oils

Flexible pricing, professional team and streamlined production process allows us to find the most effective solutions.

INDELUBE’s advantage is the ability to produce oil in a small batches unlike the big plants. This is due to the fact that for large enterprises reconfiguration of equipment for a small order requires a lot of time and cost. What concerns INDELUBE, we could develop and produce oil “at the request” (or “Private Label”) according to your needs. All technical features of the product, packing, label and delivery could be arranged depending on what exactly Customer needs.

We pack our production in canisters with different capacity: from 1 to 20L and barrels 208 L.

Modern market economy makes us constantly look for new solutions to fully meet our customer’s needs and focus on the production of promising new types of oils.

خرید لباس از ترکیه

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