What is “Private Label” — products and services made by request of brand owner that are produced by the third party manufacturer upon brand owner’s request. Produced products or services are sold under the logo of the brand’s owner.
For those companies that are focused on the production of their own oil brand that need to be of a high quality, we offer possibility to create Private Label fully or partially.
What are the priviledges of such approach:
● You can create your own oil brand. Combine your wishes and our experience in order to create high quality product that could be sold on the market for a higher price.
● Possible to attract attention to your brand of exactly your Customer.
● Same image with trading organization
● More options for product offer
● Use manufacturer’s development channels
● Lower the price because of no expences for intermediaries
● Unique offer difference from competitors
● No need to create manufacturing of temporary/ seasonal products that are produced for a “short” marketing projects;
● Manufacturer during marketing process could bear marketing costs in the same manner as if oil brand would be his own.
● Possibility to influence price change.


In cooperation with experienced industrial designers, we can design a full cycle (label, logo, shape, packaging, etc.), or create a new brand on the basis of standard options.
And our chemical laboratory specialists will make oil, taking into account all your requirements and specifications, so we can fully satisfy the demands of customers in your area.

Flexible price policy, professional team and smoothly running production process will allow us to find the most profitable solution for you and your customers.

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